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 Alana's character sheet

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Alana Foxx

Alana Foxx

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PostSubject: Alana's character sheet   Alana's character sheet I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 1:42 am

Name:Alana Fox
History:Coming from the city, Alana had become clever and somewhat tricky when it came to dealing with people. It came in handy living with the many kids that occupied the same foster home. She never knew her parents, but was always eager and hopeful about meeting them. Though she never got the chance, she still believes they will meet some day.
One day, sick of the home, she ran away, in search of her parents. It didn't really go well, considering the fact that she ran into more than a few monsters. The only reason she escaped was because of the strange taxi that pulled up and took her to camp.

Appearence: Alana was never the tallest, or the shortest. She stands about 5'6" and has a pretty figure. Her brunette hair is about shoulder lenght and usually worn down. With matching brown eyes, she can look a bit dark, in comparison to her personality. She normally wears jean shorts with a tank top, paired with converse. Generally not too conserned about style, Alana still tries to look nice with neatly combed hair.
Personality:Bubbly and charming, Alana is always trying to make friends. Along with her witty remarks, you either love or hate her. There generally isn't an inbetween, though it was a lot more hate at school. Her carefree attitude didn't let this bring her down, though, it was hard not having many friends.
Alana can come off as aloof sometimes, because of her laid-back personality. She tries not to let people's comments bring her down, and she wouldn't show that it bothered her if it did. She can be very stubborn and hard to deal with during an argument, though it's difficult to start one with her. On her good side, there's a lot to like. On her bad side, you'll probably only get a cold shoulder and some snarky remarks.

Rp Sample:After lessons Alana wanted to go for a walk and relax....or more likely end up staff training. She started the walk to the woods, not feeling like using the Ampitheater that day. The sun beat down as she waslked a fairly slow pace, turning on her ipod to her current favorite song. Softly humming the tune, Alana found herself close to a clearing she often came to on accident.
Alana set down her bag, containg her sketchbook, book of greek mythology, and water bottle. She twirled the key around her neck, concidering letting it go to be her staff. She saw the sun gleam off the necklace and heard the ruffling of leaves close behind. Drat she thought to herself. Disapointed that she would have to hold off on her training, she turned to see who was coming.
Alana looked closely, trying to distinguish the demigod approaching, but it was hard to tell from the distance. She waited a moment to let the demigod come into her view. She could see it was a boy, maybe close to her age. She grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulders, stepping a little closer. Alana decided to be friendly and say hello. She put on a smile and walked up to the boy. "Hey. I haven't seen you before."

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Lexie Greene

Lexie Greene

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PostSubject: Re: Alana's character sheet   Alana's character sheet I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 1:44 am

ACCEPTED! Welcome(:

Alana's character sheet 11udame
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Alana's character sheet
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