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 Alasdair Kigol

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Alasdair Kigol

Alasdair Kigol

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PostSubject: Alasdair Kigol   Alasdair Kigol I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 1:59 pm

Name: Alasdair Kigol
Species: demigod
You are not our son.
Alasdair had been adopted as he was just some weeks old. The family was very rich and normally you would say that he had a really good life. But it was not like that. His parents had never been at home and when they were there, they let him feel that he was not their right son. He had a babysitter, which was his only friend at the beginning of his life. She was more a mother to him than his adoptiv-mother. She also told him that he should have no problem with the fact that he does not really belong to the Kigol-family.

If you have to change school again, we will send you away.
It was really hard for Alasdair. He had changed school every year by now, because he had never fit in any of them. Either there had been problems because he was not really good at learning, or it had been that he never fit together with other kids. He was an outsider and had nearly no friends. And all of it had been even worse when his parents send away the babysitter. After that he was alone, with nobody to talk to. It was like he was in a bubble, and nobody even tried to come inside. And then his parents told him that he should do something against this school changing thing, or he will not be their son ever more.

The teachers look at me in an annoying way.
Alasdair was 14 years old. He had managed for the first time to stay at one school for 2 years. He had been really happy about that. He was no good student, and he was still alone, but he had a place where he could belong. But there was also something annoying at the school. Some of the teachers looked at him with hate in her eyes, one of them seemed to really like Alasdair, even if he was the worst student in class. But except of what he saw in the eyes of this people, nothing more happend all the time. Somethimes he asked himself if there could not be something funny happening in his life.

It is enough. I do not want you in my house any more. You go to a camp.
Alasdair was 17 years old. The schoolyear was over and he hoped to have good vacations. But then suddenly his father told him that he do not want Alasdair in the house. He told the boy that when he was adopted they had given him a letter where was written that he should someday go to a special camp. The father did not knew what type of camp it was, but he had decided that it was time for Alasdair to go. And he should stay there if it was possible. So this was the time when he was brought to camp half-blood. He even does not know that he is a half-blood.

Alasdair is 6' tall. He has brown, short hair that is cut in a very stylish way. He has grey-blue eyes. His skin has a very bright colour. He had managed to get some muscles during all the years.
He likes to wear white, blue, brown and black T-shirts. He wears nearly all the time jeans. He only wears shoes where he can also run, because he is very good at that.
Somehow he always had a passion for the fight. Well, actually, sword. Through these passion, he became more withdrawn and shy. His father had never allowed that he learned this. He always told him he should just concentrate on school, nothing more.
Yes, the school. Alasdair has always had problems in learning. His father always claimed that he was just too lazy. He would spend to much time thinking about adventures and such things. Really, this is not true. She had always tried and tried as best as she can to learn.
If he once had no desire to learn then he grab a book or flees into his fantasy. Most anything that even remotely connected with the Greek gods and heroes. This he has always been very enthusiastic.
Alasdair has no real friends. He was always the outsider. Sometimes the others liked to trick him by liking him. If someone was really interested in Alasdair, then the others have usually managed that it was not for long. They should also have been a little jealous.
Now a little bit of the negative reactions. Alasdair is actually pretty hotheaded. Although Alasdair has himself under control and would not beat anyone who annoys him, but sometimes he wants to do it. He also want to shout at the others when she has enought of them.
Rp Sample: (this is a post of Alexandra)
It was going to be a warm, sunny day. Even if it was really early, the sun started to rise and you could see no clouds. A soft wind could be felt in the woods near the camp. Everything seemed so peaceful and nobody would have thought that a single person would come from this way to the camp. Her body was in a silver light, which showed that she was an hunter of Artemis. Her leather armory fit her perfectly and the silver bow and arrows could be seen behind her shoulder. The teenager was nervous, but she also really liked to go to the camp. It had taken her so long to talk to Artemis that she could go and now she was only a short way away.
Alexandra was coming from the woods, because she liked it to be in the nature and the goddess and the other hunters had been near. She looked over her shoulder to see if any of the others might have decided to go with her. But she could see nobody, so she just turned back again and walked further in the direction of the camp. Slowly she could smell more then just wood. Her grey-brown-green eyes were shining as she found out that in some minutes she would be outside the wood. Her brown hair was moving behind her as she started to move faster.
How did you find out about this site?: Children of Olympus (I am Alexandra)
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Alasdair Kigol
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