Camp Half Blood
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Camp Half Blood

A Percy Jackson Rpg
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 Arivle of Andrew

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Andrew Wattson

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PostSubject: Arivle of Andrew    Arivle of Andrew  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 11:57 pm

Andrew stumbled and fell to the ground again. His body hitting the dirt with a thud. He had just escaped a camp full of Koiosians. He had been held captive for a month now. His shirt was torn, and he was bloodyed. His escape plan had ended horribly, being attacked he ran. His once blue shirt was now a solid red color on his right side, where a sword gash was. His vision was blurry, a gash above his left eye kept his eye covered with blood. He used his arms to rolls himself onto his back. That had been the very last of his stregnth. He took a shaky breath and looked to the stars above him. The only thought in his mind, i'm going to die here. If nothing was done quick he would soon be dead. That was when he saw it, a pine tree with a golden something shinning in the light. That was what the man told him to go to. He licked his lips, "help." It was a dry cry, very quite. "!" The last one the loudest. He took another breath. His vision started to grow dark, just as he saw something. A figure immerging from over the hill where the Pine tree was. That was when he heard it, a howl that pierced that nights sky. The hellhounds had caught his sent. He froze with pure terror. He need help now, i'm not ready for this. But as soon as he thought that his subcontious said, yes I am. He couldn't think of what that could possibly mean, he couldn't move the pain was to much. He closed his eyes and waited for the figure to help, or to be hit by a claw.
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Arivle of Andrew
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